Please scroll down the page to see multiple artworks in drawing.
Some of the drawing artworks done over the last five years are displayed in this page. Detail descriptions of each artwork can be seen in the scrolled page. Most of the art works are arranged as per the plan for display. Medium: Pen on paper.
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Title – Nature and me,  Medium: Drawing pen on paper, Size- 30 x 22 inch, Year:2019


Title: My Garden Stories One , Medium: Pen on paper drawing, Size: Each 11 x 10 inches (Display plan :combined in six panels),  Year:2019



Title- My garden stories Two,  Medium: Drawing pen on paper, Size – each 9.5 x 9.5 inches (Combined nine panels), Year: 2019


Title: Thorn have flowers,  Medium: Pen on paper, Size: Panel of 4 Works of each 11 x 13 inch,  Year: 2018


Title: Herding, Drawing: Pen on paper, Size: 30 x 48 inch, Year: 2020