Etchings 2019

This section displays some of the etchings done in the year 20219.

These artworks are  made in Kanoria Art Centre, Ahmedabad. Please click the images to see in details.

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Title: Saundhi Khusboo,  Medium: Etching, Size: 10×14”, Year:2019


Title: Steam Water,  Medium: Etching, Size: 10″ x 14”,    Year:2019


Untitled,   Medium: Etching,  Size: 10″ x14”,  Year: 2019


Title: I am here, Medium: Etching,   Size19.5″ x 9.5″,   Year :2019



Title: In and Out, Medium: Etching, Size: 19.5”x 15” each (Diptych),  Year: 2019


Title: Power Nap,  Medium: Etching,  Size: 15 “x 19.5 inch,  Year: 2019



Title: Raise your voice,  Medium: Etching, Size:                    ,Year 2019


Title: The wall ,  Medium: Woodcut on Etching,   Size: The wall_19 x 24 inch,  Year: 2019