Etchings 2022

This section displays some of the etchings done in the year 2022. All these artworks are displayed in the solo exhibition’s “The Middle Path” held in Nov 2022 at Hyderabad, India.

All these artworks are made in Kanoria Art Centre, Ahmedabad and Banyan Heart Studio, Hyderabad. Please click the images to see in details.

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Title: Little Ray of Sunshine,  Medium: Etching, Size” 13” x 20”, Year: 2022
Title: Vivid Dreams,  Medium: Etching,  Size: Etching, 20” x 13”, Year: 2022



Title: My Red Bag,  Medium: Etching, Size: 13” x 10”, Year: 2022


Title: Only Juice , Medium:, Etching,  Size: 13” x 10”, Year: 2022


Untitled,  Medium:  Etching,  Size:13” x 20”, Year: 2022



Untitled,   Medium: Etching,  Size: 14” x 10”, Year: 2022